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Ocean Photographer 

Seeing the Ocean, Through the Eyes of My Lens

Album No.1


Ocean Photography 

Album No.2


Drop and Splash Photography 

Album No.3


Surf Photography 


My name is John Mamer. I am a eighteen year old recent high school grad attending the University of Hawaii Manoa. I am a part of the Division One mens swim team. I am studying international and entrepreneurial business. My passion for Ocean Photography begins with my love for water. When you have been competitively swimming since the age of six it becomes a part of your life, for me it became my passion. No matter what the body of water is you will find me in it: oceans, rivers, lakes, pools, ponds, etc.. Later in my life I developed a passion for photography. It was natural to try and combine my two passions, photography and water. This is the result. 


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John Mamer 


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